Nutritional Plan

12 Weeks Achievement

​​​​​​​Our Anti-obesity program will get the patient to:

  • Modify unhealthy paradigms (irrational beliefs, myths).

  • Create new habits of thought, emotion, and healthy behavior by giving the patient emotional and nutritional education and support.


  • Enjoy healthy food.

  • Lose weight in a practical, easy, and safe way while diminishing cardiovascular diseases.

  • You will learn what is “Food Anchor” and how to code it, terms, and nutritional tips.

  • Follow an exercise routine.

This nutritional program lasts 12 weeks (3 months). Every 4 weeks you will have nutritional counseling, adapted and personalized according to your evolution. In total there will be three Nutritional Programs in three months and support in the process, as it relates to your nutrition and health plan.

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