It is fairly normal for our skin to start to look dull and lackluster over time. Dead skin cells that accumulate on our face clog our pores and are a major contributor in the many skin problems that we face, including dryness, blemishes, and breakouts, dullness, wrinkles and more. Nevertheless, it is completely natural and necessary for our skin to shed. The trick is to make sure that we remove the dead skin cells on a regular basis to keep our faces looking smooth and soft with a healthy complexion. One of the most effective ways to do this is through a treatment called dermaplaning, which we are now proud to offer at our Weston, FL spa and cosmetic surgery offices.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that works by removing the dead skin cells, peach fuzz and any other impurities from the outermost layer of the face, revealing fresh, clean, smoother and brighter skin beneath. The process is usually carried out using a sharp surgical blade, but this is passed across the skin in a 45-degree angle without cutting it in a motion that is just like getting your face shaved. The strokes that are used are short and delicate, and the skin is pulled tight to ensure the smoothest and closet movement of the blade to the skin without causing damage. The entire treatment usually takes less than an hour and can be performed individually or as part of a facial.

By removing the accumulation of dead skin cells that are potentially clogging your pores and hair follicles, you can see an improvement in blemishes and pimples. You will also make it easier for any products that you use to penetrate the skin so that they work more quickly and are more effective. Unfortunately, if you have a live breakout of acne, you will need to wait until this has cleared before you undergo a dermaplaning procedure.


​​​​​​​There is no downtime associated with dermaplaning, although some patients feel that their face looks a little red for a few hours afterward. However, there is nothing to stop you from going back to your usual activities right away. You will be advised to avoid wearing cosmetics for up to 24 hours, and since your skin barrier will be more vulnerable immediately after dermaplaning, you will be recommended to wear a good moisturizer to help repair your skin and keep it hydrated.

How Often Can Dermaplaning Be Performed?

There is no limit to the frequency with which dermaplaning can be performed, but for the best results, we recommended monthly or six-weekly appointments. This will help to ensure that all impurities are removed on a regular basis and will help to keep your skin healthier, less prone to breakouts and more vibrant in appearance.

Dermaplaning is a very simple but effective treatment for rejuvenating the appearance of your skin. To discuss it in more detail or to schedule an appointment for this procedure, please contact our team by calling our offices in Weston, FL today.

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