Mesotherapy is a medical technique based on the application of microinjections of conventional, natural or homeopathic medicines. It was invented by a French physician, Michel Pistor (1951), originally to treat chronic diseases. Very soon its use was expanded and today it is used with effectiveness in the field of aesthetic medicine, both in facial treatments and body, to treat cellulite, localized fat, sagging skin, thus improving the quality and appearance of the skin.

What is cosmetic mesotherapy?

The injections are applied superficially, not subcutaneous or intramuscular, but intradermally, at a maximum depth of about 3 or 4 millimeters, injected exactly in the area to be treated. The needles used are the so-called 'Lebel ', approximately 4 mm long, which are not usually painful due to its small size and to the fact that very little medication is applied. However, in cases sensitivity, an anesthetic cream can be used before.
Each session lasts approximately 15 minutes. The number of sessions varies depending on the area to be treated, but usually it starts with 3 sessions, performing one session per week, achieving excellent results. The results vary from patient to patient.

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