Breast Reduction

If you are a woman with very large breasts, you will probably testify that bigger doesn’t always mean better. Having supersized, heavy breasts can be a real burden for many people who go on to experience a range of unpleasant symptoms including back and neck pain and rashes or other skin problems under and around their breast tissue. It also may be difficult to find clothes or underwear that fit or make it impossible to take part in physical activities that you might otherwise enjoy.

Fortunately, breast reduction surgery is available to help reduce the size of your chest and relieve you of the day to day difficulties that you may face. It is carried out under general anesthetic and you may need to stay at the hospital for a day or two after your procedure. The exact technique that will be used can vary. Sometimes liposuction can be used to remove excess fat from the breast area, but if you need a large amount removed, you may need a more extensive surgery to remove excess skin. Your surgeon will then reshape your breast tissue so that it looks as natural as possible, and if needed, your areolas will be repositioned so that they sit more naturally or in some cases, reduced in size.
As with all breast surgeries, it is essential that you follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your surgical team. This will reduce your risk of experiencing complications and ensure that you have the best possible outcome from your procedure.

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