Free Consultation



Our team of Clinicians and Specialists has years of experience and advanced clinical training in each procedure offered in the different practices.

Scan Analysis or Online Consultation with Anabel Sanabria, our Skincare Specialist.

You will receive a full evaluation and suggestions you need for the improvement and maintenance of your skin.


With Dr. Jonathan Weiser.

Modern plastic and reconstructive surgery including Cosmetic Surgery of the face and body, breast surgery including reconstruction, augmentation and reduction, suction-assisted lipectomy, body contouring and all laser procedures.

Body Surgery Consultation

With Otto Jimenez

Who with extensive experience in general, plastic and aesthetic surgery in Colombia and the United States brings his knowledge of so many years of work in the field helping in the performance of aesthetic and plastic procedures in a way that provides the safest and most comfortable experience for his patients.

Nutrition and Body Treatments

With Lisette Porras

​​​​​​​She is a Health Specialist with a background as a Gastroenterologist. Her services comprise a combination of individualized diet plans with specific corporal treatments for the most holistic approach for our high level patients. Always supportive and committed to achieving her patient’s goals because her priority is their satisfaction.

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